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I've finally bit the bullet & am switching this journal over to friends only mode. On the odd occasion, I may post something accessible to the general public, but it sure as heck isn't going to be often...
  • If you are currently reading my journal, but don't have an LJ account, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you're either going to have to join, or learn to live without me. :(
  • If you'd like me to add you, but don't know me in "real" life, please be advised that it's just not going to happen. Period*
  • If you do know me, please either leave a comment here or message me to be added.

Thanks for understanding!

Note: Comments are screened.

* If you friend me anyway, I will simply ban_set you, so really, please, don't bother!

The following people were too stupid to read the above warning & have since been ban_set: [livejournal.com profile] mikesgirl74, [livejournal.com profile] 0range_p33lz, [livejournal.com profile] tom_75010, [livejournal.com profile] sticky_hot_buns, [livejournal.com profile] polybynature & [livejournal.com profile] rebekakastler
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In one of the recent [livejournal.com profile] news announcements, LJ informed us that they've made it easier to get rid of them: the pop-up menu that's visible when you hover your mouse over the userhead icon () now includes, both an option to report that user as a bot, & a "ban user" option. Every time someone adds me, I check their journal. If it's all in Cyrillic, if it's friended hundreds of other accounts, but only a few people have friended it, or even if it just looks fake, I ban it & then I report the account. It's actually really easy.

For starters, make sure that both the hover & the new friend notification features are on. You can activate the 'Hover Menu' checkbox over here & the 'notify me when someone adds me as a friend' checkbox is located over here. Just make sure they've both got checkmarks in the boxes & you should be good to go. :)

Then, when you receive a notification telling you that [livejournal.com profile] exampleusername has friended you, you can go visit the account's profile page. Again, if you don't like the looks of it, for whatever reason, feel free to both ban & report the account as a bot.

If you're curious to see who you've currently got banned, visit the Ban & Unban Users page (visit this FAQ to learn just exactly what banning a user does.

Out of curiousity, I checked me recent befriendings (this will bring you to yours, not mine!) &, out of the last 30 friendings (over a span of 20weeks), only four were actual human beings. Of the 26 bots, there are still eleven accounts that have yet to be shut down & all that because not enough people are taking the time to actually report the bots that are out there.

Of course, if, for some reason, you hate the hover feature & don't want to have it activated, you can always do it the "long" way: go to the bot report page & type in the bot's username yourself!

Any questions, feel free to ask me!
Good luck!!!

[livejournal.com profile] knotty_mark, [livejournal.com profile] lubaya, [livejournal.com profile] xnuala & [livejournal.com profile] blacksquiggles all seem to have a higher than usual number of weird/bot friendings...
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It has been brought to my attention that some of my friends are completely uninterested in my [free stuff] posts. Now, granted, a lot of them aren't local & whatnot, but if you'd like to no longer be included in the [free stuff] fun, please, let me know so that I can stop inflicting it on you!

Of course, if you're a stranger who's stumbled across my lj & would like to get in on the goodies, let me know that too & we'll see what we can do...

[Poll #1371805]
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Tell the Bush administration to keep its word and stop efforts to redefine "abortion" to include birth control.

The Bush administration promised not to issue any new regulations after November 1. But now it's poised to implement a rule that could allow individual health care providers to redefine abortion to include the most common forms of birth control — and then refuse to provide these basic services. A woman's ability to manage her own health care is at risk of being compromised by politics and ideology. We need you to speak out now, before the administration implements this rule. If they move forward with it, it could wipe out dozens of state laws that protect women's access to basic reproductive health services.

I wish I was allowed to sign a message to President Bush urging him to keep his word and withdraw this disastrous proposal, but since I can't, you, my American friends, definitely should add your voices to the cause. Click here to sign the message. Tell President Bush: Keep your word. Stop the attack on women's health.
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I had fun with this last time, so I figured I'd try it again, but this time, it's open to everyone:

Post a comment here and, based on your list of interests, I will make you an icon.
You have no control over what I make.
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In a few hours, Americans will begin heading out to the polls. Here's hoping they do a better job of it than we did last month...

I went a little icon crazy... )

Normally, I'd ask you to follow my rules, but for this situation, I'm willing to make exceptions. Just, GO VOTE!!! :) )
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Election day: Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 - 9:30am-9:30pm
Advance polling days: October 3rd, 4th & 6th, 2008 - noon-8pm daily
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"If Abstinence Ed Can't Keep Sarah Palin's Daughter Off the Cock, What Hope Is There For Other Kids?
By Dan Savage
Tuesday, September 9th 2008 at 03:02pm

The 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, the GOP's vice-presidential nominee, is pregnant. The news was released by the McCain campaign during a busy news week—a major hurricane, the Republican National Convention, Dick Cheney getting us into a war with Russia—so it may not have received the coverage it deserved. So allow me to bring you up to date, gentle readers...

Seventeen-year-old Bristol Palin got her ass knocked up five or so months ago by 18-year-old Levi Johnston. Among the hobbies listed on Levi's since-yanked MySpace page—"fishing, shoot some shit, and just fuckin' chillin' "—was this revealing tidbit: "I don't want kids." But Bristol, says her mom, "made the decision on her own to keep the baby," and is now engaged to Levi "Shootin' Shit" Johnston.

As the adoptive parent of a child born to a pair of unwed teenagers, I'm certainly not in favor of abortion in all circumstances. But I believe that it's a choice teenagers should be able to make for themselves—with input from their families whenever possible—and, so it seems, does the GOP's VP nominee. Sarah Palin is pleased that her daughter "made the decision"—on her own—to keep the baby.

But Sarah Palin doesn't believe that other girls should be able to make their own decisions. Sarah Palin believes that abortion should be illegal in almost every instance—including rape and incest. So Bristol Palin is being celebrated for making a choice that Sarah Palin would like to take away from all other American women. Apparently, today's GOP believes that choice is a special right reserved for the wayward daughters of Republican-elected officials.

Oh, and Sarah Palin also believes that birth control shouldn't be made available to teenagers, she opposes medically accurate sex education, and she backs abstinence-until-marriage sex "education."


The GOP has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into abstinence "education" programs during the Bush years. I believe this enormous investment of public funds begs the obvious question: Are our children abstaining? Sarah Palin's isn't. Despite this massive outlay on the part of the American taxpayer and the example set by her Christian parents, Bristol Palin became sexually active while still in high school. Excuse me, but if abstinence education can't keep the daughter of the evangelical governor of Alaska off the cock, what hope is there for the daughters—and some of the sons—of average Americans?

I'm a cad for even writing this, of course, because shortly before Bristol and Levi were paraded before cheering throngs at the Republican National Convention, the Palins asked the media to respect their daughter's privacy.

Another special right: When it comes to respecting your family's privacy, Palin and the GOP see no need. They want to micro-manage the most intimate aspects of your private life. And if their own kids fail to live up to the standards that Palin and the GOP seek to impose on your family, well, that's a private matter between the Palins, their daughter, their God, and the thousands of screaming imbeciles in elephant hats waving McCain/Palin signs on the floor of the Republican National Convention.
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Canada is having an election.

On October 14, 2008 you will be asked to get off your butts and go to your local polling office and vote for who you think should represent your riding.

If you don't like anyone, go and show that you care, and spoil your ballot. If everyone went to vote and there were 50% spoiled ballots it would have to be interpreted that Canadians are pissed off at their choices and not apathetic lazy people who just don't care.

This is a democracy, a great privilege and not a right.


Note: This text copied directly from [livejournal.com profile] ladygiggles's LJ.
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The "Unborn Victims of Crime Act" (C-484) has already passed Second Reading in Parliament (March 5th). It's meant to amend the Criminal Code, in order to allow separate homicide charges to be laid in the death of a foetus when a pregnant woman is attacked. If it passes, the bill will be an unconstitutional infringement on women’s rights, and would likely result in harms against pregnant women. Not only is it a key step toward the re-criminalizing abortion, but it could also help to criminalize pregnant women for behaviours perceived to harm their foetuses.
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New to opera? Find out what it's all about! Learn about the art form, life in the orchestra pit and Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande at Opera 101, a relaxed, no-attitude evening featuring members of the acclaimed Canadian Opera Company Orchestra.

Sit back, enjoy a drink and snacks on us, and engage in a lively discussion about all things opera, led by CBC's Brent Bambury.

This is a free event! Opera tickets and merchandise will be given away.

Date: Wednesday, May 7th - 7pm-8:30pm
Location: The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. W., in the Underground
Directions: Take the subway to Osgoode Station, and the Queen Streetcar west to Beaconsfield
Parking: There is parking at the City of Toronto Green P lot at Queen and Abell
Guests: Derek Bate (Assistant Conductor), Marie Bérard (Concertmaster/Violin), Scott Irvine (Tuba)

For pre- or post-event dining, please make a reservation by calling 416-531-5042 ext. 113.
Quote code COC to enjoy 15% off your food!
For more information on this and other adult education programs, visit the Opera 101 page at coc.ca.
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When I got on the streetcar to work this evening, my driver informed me that I shouldn't stay out late, since they were going on strike.

Confirmation can be found in the following links:Updated @ 01h20: Mayor David Miller says TTC workers will be ordered back to work:Updated again @ 10h10: Sunday legislation possible:
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Here's a copy of an email that I received this morning:
"Any one interested in organizing around Bill C-484 (the "Foetal Homicide Bill") will likely be interested in knowing that the next OCAC (Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics) meeting will occur on Monday, April 21 @ 7 pm at Trinity St. Paul's United Church near Spadina subway station. The room used will be determined by the turnout, so please look for signs upon entering the church to direct you to appropriate room.

I will be there, will you?

Info about C-484 can be found at: http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/c484.htm
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The first time I tried this, I followed the internet recipe exactly & found that it wasn't quite as good as it could have been. The texture, however, was exactly as should be, so I decided it was worth trying again. Brought it to [livejournal.com profile] tormenta's birthday party & I think I got both the cooking time & the spices right this time, since there were plenty of compliments to be had...

vegan pumpkin pie
  • 1 unbaked 9" vegan pie shell (graham crumb);
  • ¾ lb light firm tofu (Silken);
  • 16 oz can pumpkin purée;
  • ½ c maple syrup;
  • 2 tbsp oil;
  • 2 tbsp molasses;
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract;
  • 1½ tsp cinnamon;
  • ¾ tsp ground ginger;
  • ½ salt;
  • ½ ground nutmeg;
  • ¼ tsp allspice.
Preheat the oven to 350°F.
Blend all ingredients in food processor until very well mixed. Pour into pie shell.
Bake in centre of oven for 1 hour, or until cracks begin to appear in filling.
Turn oven off & leave pie in oven for 30 minutes. Let cool in pan on rack.
Remove pie from oven & cool in fridge for at least 3 hours.
Serve alone, or with whipped/frozen topping of your choice.
Makes 16 wedges.

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Re: the newest announcement @ [livejournal.com profile] news.

"Opting Out
First of all, let us reassure you that the only entries that will ever appear in the explore areas are public entries. However, you will have a few options if you don't want a post of yours to be included in the explore areas. You can remove individual posts that are currently appearing in an explore area by clicking on the delete button next to that entry. This will not delete your entry from your journal; it will only remove it from appearing in that explore area. If you want all of your public entries to be excluded from the explore areas, you may opt-out by going to Viewing Options [scrolling down to the "Additional privacy options" section] and checking the box labelled "Explore Area Exclusion." Journal entries posted as private or friends-only are automatically excluded, but this will also exclude your public entries from the explore area.
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Anyone in the UK concerned about family or friends they have not heard from is advised to contact a special police hotline on: 0870-156 6344. In every case, it is best to have the missing person's full name, date of birth and passport number before calling any of the numbers listed here.
  • People unable to make contact with Australians in London who they have reason to believe were caught up in Thursday's incidents can contact Australian House on: 020 7379 4334.
    People in Australia can contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s consular hotline on: 1800 002 214. British Authorities have also established a hotline for Australians in the UK to call: 08701 566 344.
  • For those concerned about New Zealanders, if you are in the UK call: 020 7930 8422 or fax: 020 7316 8999. If you are in New Zealand call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade freephone line: 0800 432 111.
  • Those trying to track down Americans should call the number set up by the Department of State: 1-888-407-4747.
  • If you are trying to get information about Canadian friends or relatives in Britain are asked to contact one of the Department of Foreign Affairs toll-free hotlines: 1-800-606-5499 or 1-800-387-3124.
  • Those in South Africa should contact one of the following numbers at South Africa House: 012 351 1900, 012 351 1294, 012 351 1997, 012 351 1430.

    Please don't call these numbers if you do not have a genuine inquiry, as they are extremely congested. This will give priority to concerned family and friends.


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